YouTube Income Per 1000 views

YouTube Income Per 1000 Views CPM Country-Wise | Table Aug 2022

A group of YouTubers with in-depth research and experiments came across the value per niche. YouTube has its own algorithm valuing the channel based on the RAF model and served quality. Accordingly, YouTube Income Per 1000 Views in August 2022 is estimated. It’s quite challenging to acquire accurate numbers but approximation can be done.

According to Greg Preece, any settled YouTuber would make around $7.56 on average per thousand views in the coming year.

It is noted that this is just the average estimation. If we go country-wise the list of 1000 views would surprise you.

YouTube Earnings As Per RAF Model


Countries USD $ Per 1000 Views Countries USD $ Per 1000 Views Countries USD $ Per 1000 Views
Ukraine $4.12 Russia Federation $4.79 Finland $11.31
Cambodia $1.94 Somalia $2.40 Rwanda $2.25
Tunisia $2.78 Vietnam $4.24 Botswana $2.48
Guyana $2.64 Ghana $2.98 Cameroon $2.57
Trinidad $2.76 Namibia $2.60 Zambia $2.42
Bahamas $3.51 Latvia $6.61 Uganda $3.28
Belgium $15.34 Jamaica $2.96 North Macedonia $4.48
Albania $3.22 Zimbabwe $3.24 Hong Kong $17.23
Algeria $3.91 Tanzania $2.97 Kenya $3.21
Philippines $2.40 Egypt $2.12 Jordan $4.69
Mauritius $2.81 Pakistan $2.09 Ethiopia $2.02
France $15.54 Iraq $2.75 Nigeria $4.92
Indonesia $3.23 Sri Lanka $3.30 Malaysia $4.92
Turkey $3.55 India $3.36 Bahrain $5.23
Bangladesh $1.76 Lebanon $4.10 Nepal $5.25
Bulgaria $6.84 Puerto Rico $8.06 Lithuania $6.87
Serbia $5.40 Czechia $9.74 South Africa $10.1
Bosnia $5.59 Myanmar $1.96 Austria $16.87
Slovenia $8.29 Portugal $10.33 Singapore $17.76
Cyprus $7.32 Colombia $7.58 Poland $7.68
Georgia $4.49 Morrocco $4.14 Thailand $5.87
Qatar $5.94 Saudi Arabia $5.59 Greece $6.49
Oman $5.95 Croatia $6.22 Hungary $6.53
Kuwait $6.57 Brazil $6.66 Poland $7.67
UAE $8.14 Korea $8.89 Mexico $9.52
Denmark $17.50 Sweden $13.37 Italy $13.67
Japan $10.54 Israel $14.09 Spain $14.23
Romania $6.17


If you’ve noticed carefully, almost the whole world is making effort to acquire its position on YouTube. Every country has its own YouTube Income Per 1000 Views (average CPM).

Top 10 Countries With Highest CPM – Cost Per 1000 Views On YouTube

Sr No Countries Cost Per 1000 Views
10 Netherlands $18.80
9 Ireland $19.23
8 Germany $19.82
7 Norway $21.20
6 United Kingdom $22.62
5 Switzerland $24.16
4 New Zealand $29.24
3 Canada $30.18
2 United States $33.78
1 *Australia $37.24

Does Kids’ Youtube Channel Make Same Amount Of Money Per 1000 Views?

Nope! The primary reason behind this is the lesser number of ads would be shown on the kids’ content. So that inappropriate ads won’t be watched or clicked by the kids. Fewer ads mean less money to the content creator.

Hold on!

This does not mean kids’ based channels earn less. Actually, they make more money than any other YouTube creator, How?

Here is the list of mediums kids’ content creators make money from:

  1. Sponsored Videos (Where you get paid for creating a dedicated but relevant video for a brand or company. For instance, a rhyme titled ‘Brushing your teeth’ sponsored by a toothbrush-making company for promoting kids’ product segment.)
  2. Merchandising (Selling your brand-based toys, clothing, shoes, collectibles, bags, etc.)
  3. Making Content Available On other OTT platforms
  4. Starting a blog or a site promoting your video content

What niches do all of these CPMs include overall?

  • Reality Capture
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • How To (XYZ)
  • Real Estate
  • Security and Insurance
  • Cooking and Recipes
  • Stock Market
  • Starting YouTube
  • How To Start a Blog 
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Law, Crime & Attorney
  • Motivational and Inspirational
  • Credit
  • Cryptos
  • NFT-To-Buy
  • Adventure and Travelling
  • Software
  • Education and Short Courses
  • Trading and Stock Market
  • Science and Fiction
  • Marketing
  • Parenting
  • Website Hosting
  • Film Making and Behind The Scenes
  • Health and Fitness
  • Make Money Online
  • Vlogs

And many more.

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YouTube Income Per 1000 Views may vary every second day, month, and year. The fluctuations behind these CPM rely on several factors.

Some of these are:

  1. Quality & Value That Creators Provide
  2. Demand Of Content
  3. Viewership

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