1 Business Solution Is Enough To Kill The Traffic In Australia Forever!

1 Business Solution Is Enough To Kill The Traffic In Australia Forever!

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To be honest, Australia still is lacking in quickly accessible and cheap public transport. Even being a developed country, it’s unfortunate that people have to wait for 20-30 minutes for the bus outside the station after alighting the train. On the other hand, students, new migrants, and women with a child find it hard time to wait for buses in their suburbs. And that they cannot even think of taxis or ride-shares on a daily basis. In order to kill the traffic in Australia, we’ve come up with 1 business solution. That when applied will improve road congestion tremendously.

Electric-Scooters Is Not a Solution For Everyone!

If someone is recommending the use of an electric vehicle, to some extent it might be helpful. The suitability of such scooters aligns with Students and Individuals whose schools and workplaces are at a short distance. Even traveling from 1 suburb to another could seem challenging.

Usage Of an Electric Scooter Is Possible If:

  • You are traveling at a shorter distance (as mentioned)
  • You are physically fit and flexible to handle yourself during the chaos
  • You’re okay to shop and carry stuff in your backpack while returning home

Electric Scooter Is Not Suitable For You, If You Are:

  • Mother of a child! As you cannot carry your child on. And this makes sense.
  • Studying or Working far away from your residential place
  • Shop more in quantity. As things won’t fit in your backpack that easily.
  • Not physically fit to control during unexpected incidents.

Australia Has To Introduce More-Accessible & More Cheap – 3 Wheeler Private-Public Transit

According to the reports more than half of Australian families own more than 1 car. And 95% of these cars are under-utilized sitting idle in the garage/parking lot.

Source: News.com.au
Source: News.com.au

Imagine every shopping center, railway station, and Uni exits to have 3 Wheeler Transits ready in a line to drop you home. Grabbing a cup of coffee on the way, doing shopping on the way, or picking up your child from school or daycare while back home. This all could be done in a single trip and in the same 3-wheeler vehicle which you can take advantage of as long as you want. And the fares won’t be too high! Let these run as per the time slot of 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, and so on.

Sounds like a dream, right?

If taken as an example, a developing country like India has such convenient and easily accessible transit. Which everyone and anyone can afford without worrying about the fares.

Why can’t a developed and well-tech-driven country like Australia plan for better transportation? This would be a definite solution to reduce the current and upcoming unplanned traffic in Australia. As the growing number of immigrants would need more medical, accommodation, and food facilities. Simultaneously, they would need flexible road facilities without really struggling.

What Should Be The Next Move To Reduce Traffic In Australia

  1. Australia needs to stop welcoming several vehicle brands that induce people to get a new car.
  2. Availing local transit by focusing on how new migrants are managing local transportation. Especially, when they’ve got no Jobs, no job-seeker support, and no license to drive. Welcoming migrants, and adding visa & immigration revenue to the economy; need to be followed by caring about their daily means too.
  3. Making the official announcement to make use of local transportation for short-distance travel.
  4. Paying attention to mothers with children, and availing affordable travel options on a daily basis.

If these 4 additional solutions are applied, the traffic in Australia will get in control impressively.

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