NSW Public Holidays 2024 – New South Wales ‘New Holiday Update’

NSW Public Holidays 2024 – New South Wales ‘New Holiday Update’

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Hey mates, welcome to our concise info guide to NSW public holidays or say New South Wales holiday updates.

Understanding Public Holidays

Public holidays hold historical, cultural, or religious importance, fostering unity and tradition among the people of NSW.

NSW Public Holidays 2024

Public Holidays2024
New Year’s DayMonday, 1 January
Additional Day –
Australia DayFriday, 26 January
Good FridayFriday, 29 March
Easter Saturday [the day after Good Friday]Saturday, 30 March
Easter SundaySunday, 31 March
Easter MondayMonday, 1 April
Anzac DayThursday, 25 April
King’s BirthdayMonday, 10 June
Bank HolidayMonday, 5 August
National Day of Mourning –
Labour DayMonday, 7 October
Christmas Day public holidayWednesday, 25 December
Additional Day –
Boxing DayThursday, 26 December
NSW Public Holidays 2024

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Types of Public Holidays

  • National Holidays: Celebrated nationwide, like Australia Day and ANZAC Day.
  • Statewide Public Holidays: Unique to NSW, such as Labour Day and Queen’s Birthday.
  • Local Public Holidays: Specific to certain regions, reflecting local events and traditions.

Legal and Employment Insights

  • Entitlement: Most workers in NSW are entitled to a paid day off.
  • Penalty Rates: Fair compensation for employees working on public holidays.
  • Planning: Employers plan for staffing and operations during public holidays.

Multi-Cultural Celebrations Unannounced

  • NSW and the other states of Australia haven’t really announced multi-cultural celebrations. These are Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Eid al-Fitr. The residents are still waiting for this to happen.

Navigating Public Holidays for Employers

  • Communication: Clear communication with employees regarding working hours and leave arrangements.
  • Managing Leave: Balancing employee leave requests with operational needs.


By understanding & grasping the significance, legal aspects, and cultural diversity of public holidays in NSW; employers and individuals can enjoy these special days while maintaining productivity and harmony.

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