Driving Test Practice: Unfailed Formula 2021 – VIC, NSW, QLD & Across Australia

Driving Test Practice: Unfailed Formula 2021 – VIC, NSW, QLD & Across Australia

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Nothing can be worse than having an accident on the Driving Test day, just 1 hour prior.

Despite the nervousness of performing in the test, the fear of failure and further outcome stresses you out when the day is closer.

I was definitely prepared after driving test practice, for almost 100+ hours; in the day, night, rainy, busy, and countryside roads in different situations.

Even with confidence, I was not able to handle the apprehension. With 1 hour left, we were heading towards the test center. During the journey, I came across hazards twice. The first I was able to percept. But the latter one shook the confidence within.

I won’t blame anyone, but myself. As I was too panicked.

After that worst moment, I did realize consternation can literally capture your thought process thoroughly. One can’t even acknowledge how easily the car control is being given off, endangering the lives.


The Real Drive Test – After Overcoming The Fear

I did mention the nervousness but, didn’t let the officer realize what I was going through within.

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No Other Solution – Just Practice & Practice

The funny part of my learning journey was, I appointed 3 Instructors + My Partner, to get an in-depth understanding of driving. 

Because I was curious to know whether the men and women think differently while instructing, if yes, then how different are they? 

To get an answer to the query, I assigned 2 male & 1 female instructor:) I know this is crazy!

Every instructor has his/her own style & techniques of teaching. 

Initially, I didn’t want to rely on just 1 person to learn from. In 4 months, I did learn from 3 different instructors, every month each. And then, continuous learning with my partner.   

I can’t complain, all of them were well-experienced and supportive. 

The best formula is to acquire significant methods from each of them, and then you make your own method of expertise. This is how you compare and improve your skills. 

It’s quite obvious, one may get jumbled with several techniques for a single maneuver. Especially, when it comes to Parallel Parking.

Parallel Parking Is a Big Concern

The method to park a car parallel seemed easy when the 1st instructor taught me by matching the mirror to the line. 

While practicing the same with my partner, it was hard as hell. And I always wondered, how do others do it so easily?

I did consult the same instructor for more practice.

The second instructor did give me further clarification on using the same 2 step parallel parking method. 

I was getting good at it. 

When I achieved a level of confidence, I neglected PP and focused more on driving instead. As a result of that, I did start making judgment mistakes. 

When there was 1 week left for the test, I assigned 3rd instructor (female).

Her Parallel Parking maneuver, came with the 3 steps. I wondered why 3 steps when we can do it in just 2?

She elaborated on turning steering 1/2 to the left, then straight, and then full right (with the help of reverse camera markings)

I observed the difference, the 3 steps maneuver gives more parking perfection without occupying much space behind.

Whereas 2 steps seem a bit quick, but if the alignment with the front car is too far, then it occupies more space backward while in the 2nd step of reversing. 

So when it comes to tight parking, always prefer 3 steps one.


Rule For Perfect PP

I did mention my partner about both the steps, he agreed with what 3rd instructor suggested to me, as he does apply the same rule. 

I know this is troublesome, when only 2 days are left for the test, and myself still learning how to park.

Partner asked me to apply the recently learned method, which wasn’t really satisfying while practicing. The maneuver that my partner uses is similar but still different, as he learned through experience, not technique.

I fused both the techniques of 3 steps including the first 360 degrees left, instead of 1/2 left (which I followed of him). Then STRAIGHT + FULL RIGHT (learned from the dear instructor).

The parallel park you see in the video is a mixture of techniques from trainers & my experience out of observation. 


As per my experience with an accident, on the Actual Driving Test Day in Australia.


1. Get a good sleep before the examination day (I never had an accident in the past 2 years of a learning experience. But on the day of the test, I was too nervous and worried so I did put myself in trouble.

2. Grab a cup of coffee (Of course empty stomach gradually makes your mind get less alert). Freshen up yourself with your favorite hot beverage.

3. Importantly, take a well-functioning car doesn’t matter even if it’s vigorously used. If don’t have a car or don’t want to give your test on a trainer’s car, here’s a suitable option. Get the car on lease or hire for the test day and further to carry on when on P Plate. 


Testing Officer will definitely trust your skills when you do not make any mistake for the 1st 10 minutes. All they want is to see how intellectually you drive.

1. CENTER MIRROR – SIDE MIRROR – HEAD CHECK Make it a habit! When you do this more often, you win the examiner’s heart! That’s all they want. Whether it’s Left/Right Turn, U-Turn, Parking or Lane Changing – Never forget the basic formula!

2. 360º Headcheck on the LEFT – BACK – RIGHT – BACK + Both SIDE MIRRORS, before: – PARALLEL PARKING – FRONT as well for 3 POINT TURN For 90º, Scan the FRONT & BOTH SIDES

3. SPEED: Beware! For safety purposes, not more than 55 on 60 Sign, 75 on 80 Sign & 35 on 40 Sign. That’s what I did in my test. Always keep a safe margin. Never touch the round-figure speed in the test, this could be riskier while changing the lanes. As many a time, we may over-speed in order to avoid low-speed while lane-change.

The driving test practice with an experienced instructor will help you cover it all. 

My Test Locality & Driving Test Practice 

For me, the officer additionally advised me to wait before Turning-OFF the Indicator after changing the lane. I was turning it off after 1/2 a sec. I suggest you take at least 1 – 2 seconds before turning off the signal.

Note: My test more covered areas in Meadow-Heights & Nearby (Left from VicRoads Coolaroo). Yours may or may not be the same, it could come more towards the Roxburgh Park areas as well (which is Right from the VicRoads Coolaroo Test Route).

Fortunately, I did perform the driving test practice on both routes. 

Don’t Risk Buying a New Car On P Plate

According to research, the P Plate drivers (both Red & Green), tend to occur in accidents in the first year of independent driving. This basically means, when you pass the test and acquire P License, you’re involved in the high-risk driving category. It doesn’t mean you’ll definitely have an accident but, you being in an endangered situation can be predicted. It’s always better to use any second-hand or used car (with the maintained condition of course). If you can’t find one, I can help you get it on a lease for a specific period of time.

Give it a try!

Driving Test Practice

Interested in Earning Before Driving Test?

Kindly, comment below with your Real Driving Test Route in Australia. Are you going to give your drive test soon? Here’s an opportunity for you. We provide money-making tie-ups before the test.

For Individual Money-making Tie-up or  Collaboration, Email: management@australianstreet.com; Drop an email for further discussion.

Do Driving Test Practice, Until You Drive Cool!

If I can do it even after an accident, you can definitely do it!


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