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10 Tips Before Getting Tourist Visa Australia

By: Sahil Luthra

After the Covid-19 outbreak, It has become quite difficult to apply for a visitor or a tourist visa in Australia. Temporarily, for now, the issuance of a visitor visa is restricted except for a few categories of people.

There are possibilities for candidates applying for such visa whose one of the two parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Stay Period

Visitor or Tourist visa in Australia comes with a validity of 12 months (it could also be 3 or 6 months) depending on the requirements. Sometimes the validity may be extended more than 12 months only when the applicant has one of the parents as an Australian resident.

Processing Time & Cost

– 48 days, for 90% of applications – 44 days, for 75% of applications

What You Can Do With This Visa?

You can do following on specified visa: – Visiting family or friends (You need to have a proper acquaintance and address of the person/family with whom you’d be staying).. – You are a traveller and love exploring nature, beauty, tradition or cruising

You Cannot Do With This Visa

– No work at all (it is not permissible to work on subclass 600 visa) – No Study (for more than 3 months; whether online, classroom or any form of training) – No business or planned medical treatment is allowed

Health & Character Requirements

In order to avoid health and safety risk to Australian citizens, permanent residents and to keep the economic conditions stable; it is essential one must meet the health requirements. It also helps the system to control how much they spend on social security, allowances and pension services.

Documents Required

– Travel Document (e.g. passport) – National Identity Document – Family Register & Composition Form. – Invitation From Family, Friend or Organisation.

You Must Have Enough Money Before Visit Australia

Some countries immigration department doesn’t care about your financial conditions to manage in their country. But Australia is among one of the strict and highly disciplined countries in the matters of community, health, and border protection.

Evidence Of Returning To Your Country After The Visit

Further, you also need to provide evidence of returning back to your country after 3 months, in the form of: – Employer’s letter (for the continuation of job/work) – Pending project details that you’d be completing on returning

Vevo App Assistance

VEVO stands for ‘Visa Entitlement Verification Online. In general, it allows all visa holders, employers, education service providers to check current ‘in-effect’ visa details and conditions.

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