Instagram may be concerned about TikTok's threat to its business, but in the short term, it remains far ahead in terms of influencer marketing dollars spent on its platform in the United States.

According to a new analyst report, Instagram will capture nearly three times the amount of influencer marketing spend as TikTok by 2022. Instagram spent $2.23 billion compared to TikTok's $774.8 million.

However, while Instagram is outperforming TikTok in this category, Meta's other program, Facebook, is not faring as well.

TikTok is on course to surpass Facebook in terms of influencer marketing spending this year, and will surpass YouTube by 2024.

Currently, YouTube receives $948.0 million in influencer marketing dollars in the United States, surpassing Facebook's $739.0 million.

Furthermore, TikTok has already surpassed YouTube in terms of marketer usage for influencer-based marketing, according to the survey.

"TikTok is gaining traction for influencer marketing, but it's still nowhere near Instagram in terms of investment or marketer adoption," said Insider Intelligence chief analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Still, Instagram is attempting to emulate TikTok in order to attract smaller producers, which TikTok is known for.

That is critical for Instagram to maintain its dominance in the influencer marketing area, especially because many TikTok creators now have follower counts that approach or exceed those on Instagram and YouTube."

According to the survey, 74.5 percent of US marketers will utilize influencer marketing in 2022, and investment in influencer marketing will increase by 27.8 percent to $4.99 billion this year.