The American rock band Kings of Leon published their 2021 album When You See Yourself as an NFT, becoming the first band and maybe the first artist to do so.

However, since the Nashville-based band took this risk, the prospect of NFT music has grown increasingly alluring to independent musicians.

Death Row Session Vol.2 is the first single from his debut NFT album. The album's initial drop sold for a total of 100 EtherETH -4.8 percent, or approximately $300,000.

This was a huge confirmation for a large number of hip-hop icon fans of the potential of blockchain and NFTs representing the futures of the music business and beyond.

Snoop's release of the Death Row Session, Vol 2 was significant not only for being a risky move.

Also for featuring four renowned independent artists who had already created a reputation for themselves in the Web 3 music scene.

Snoop Dogg's enthusiasm for the Web 3 area is not confined to the new album; he recently announced that Death Row Records would become an NFT label.

The Death Row Session NFT drop may not have been the highest grossing NFT drop of all time, but it did bring the idea of NFT music to the forefront in an unusual way.

The opportunities for community development presented by web 3 are huge; fans have always been symbolically engaged in the artists they love. NFTs imply they may be invested and receive financial benefits. 

Community building and giving back to fans, according to Snoop, are at the heart of this move.