Top 10 Important Steps to Start a Restaurant in Australia

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Sahil Luthra

Doing something new always makes you question your worth. Are you ready for it? How will you do it? All these things bother you while starting anything new. The same things will happen to you if you are planning to open a new restaurant.

Everything should be perfect, from location to the name of the restaurant and how you want to decide the menu and how you will make your restaurant popular. All these things are very necessary to plan before you open a restaurant.

Before you start, you should sit down and consider the type of restaurant or food vending you want to open. It could be royal fine dine restaurant, ‘small’ street restaurant, food van, food stall or something unique.

Determine Your Food Business Type & Cuisine

Depending on the nature and capacity of your concept, your plan could range from 10 to 50 pages long. You will need to provide particular details for your research and potential investors in several sections of the restaurant business plan.

Make a Plan

Choosing a location is an important aspect of your plan. To ensure visibility and a steady flow of customers, a relevant location should be easily reachable by car or walk in a high traffic area.

Pick Your Location

– Kitchen Infrastructure – Oven & Cooking Appliances – Cooking Equipment – Refrigeration Systems – Benchtop Equipment – Commercial Dishwasher – Cookware and Crockery – Commercial Exhaust Systems

Essential Kitchen Equipment Required

You can begin hiring employees for the kitchen and floor as your opening date approaches. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to find the right professionals for each position.

Recruitment Requirement

All of your kitchen and other equipment must meet the sanitary standards of the district. Self-service counters, for example, can only use wood for support if it’s encased in a waterproof material like stainless steel, has a food-grade solid-surface top, and has no holes for plumbing, wiring, and piping.

Construction Mandates

Your newly established restaurant will require a customer base, or a bunch of regular customers, to eat your food. Suppose your restaurant has a theme, such as Ethiopian food or fresh, local ingredients.

Customer Base

Nothing new! We all are familiar with online food ordering and delivery system. It makes the restaurant efficiently set the info, menu and payment methods for instantly serving the customers.

Online Ordering & Delivery System

– Food Truck – Min $7000 AUD; Including Advertisement & Branding $15,000+ – Small to Medium ‘Local Street Restaurant’ – Min $3,00,000 AUD (On Lease/Rent); Including Advertisement & Branding $6,50,000+

Cost Required

– Australian business number (ABN) – Business Registration – Tax file number (TFN) – Individual TFN or Business TFN – Goods and services tax (GST) – Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding – Fringe benefits tax (FBT) – Register For FBT

Documents Required

Because licenses may take several weeks or months to be issued, you must begin the application process as soon as you have funding.

Licencing & Registration Process To Start a Restaurant In Australia

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