How To Start a Real Estate Business In Australia – Agency Guide

How To Start a Real Estate Business In Australia – Agency Guide

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When it comes to real estate your vision of gazing at the world changes completely. Real Estate is one of the proven industries where people hustle to be a part of. Moreover, Real Estate is a solid source for all billionaires to invest in.

4 factors are required to start a Real Estate business in Australia, first, education of real estate with incorporated laws. Second, right strategic plan to increase the demand and supply both. Third, online techniques to stay ahead of competitors; and fourth, serving best to the customers. 

The first few things when you enter the Real Estate world your future plans improvises. And could think of several thoughts that in the next 5 years:

  • How much would you be making?
  • How big and luxurious your house would be?
  • What car would you be driving in?
  • How improved your family’s quality of living would be?

There are some important terminologies, you’d be getting familiar with when beginning the real estate business in Australia.

Key-Points & Glossaries:

  • Strategic Planning: In real estate, strategic planning is defining the direction of acquiring info, resources, and implementing the plans with a clear vision to achieve minute goals in order to accomplish the larger aspects of the project. 
  • Investor-Ready: Moulding the actions in a way that the stakeholders and investors generate trust in you to invest in your business. Understanding the value of real estate elements, laws and outcomes get you investment-ready / investor-ready.
  • Market Cycle: The real process of business starting up from disbelief, hope, confidence, maturity level, consistency, and a downfall.
  • Trust Account: An account created only for transactions between/on behalf of tenants, buyers, sellers, and relevant parties. 
  • Real Estate: The land along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made. In simple words, a real estate is a form of real property.

Prior to knowing how to start a real estate business, it is essential to get yourself educated about the industry.

Real Estate Agency’s Authorized Activities

As per the agency license, your activities would be permitted to:

  • Acquire or manage the real estate agency
  • Opening and operating a trust account for tenants to transact, and receive money on behalf of buyers and sellers
  • Deal with renting, buying, selling of the property
  • Managing any legal residential, commercial, or a plot/land
  • Signifying the lodgement contract
  • Handling the queries, complaints of the tenants or the owner.
  • Price negotiation for either of the parties
  • Showcasing the properties on the official website (pre-approval of the owner is required prior to making it public)
  • Personally showing the property to the potential buyers
  • inspect the property before renting, buying, or selling
  • Ensuring receival of rent on a timely basis (on behalf of the owner)

Why does the Real Estate industry is so fascinating?

  • As said, Real estate is one of the money-making sources with a growing graph every single week.
  • About 90% of the millionaires coming into existence through Real Estate, over the last century.
  • Even an average investor makes the fortune by acquiring the wealth that was dreamt of.

Who is the Real Estate Business Suited For? 

Anyone can start a real estate business in Australia over the age of 18. But certain suitability requirements are to be maintained:

  • One should not have any criminal record
  • Must not have convicted a serious offense within past 5 years.
  • Previously disqualified for holding any certification, licensing, or registration. 

How To Start a Real Estate Business In Australia?

Starting your own real estate company might be the most personally and financially gratifying decision you make. If you are planning to

Starting your own real estate business in Australia Starting a real estate firm necessitates completing a series of procedural steps.

It is a business that needs extensive expertise, and one cannot simply enter it and begin functioning. The first thing you’ll need is knowledge, which self-taught initiatives may obtain; however, in Australia, an official agent requires a level three degree in real estate. While there are several factors to consider to secure company success, let’s discuss them one by one.

Determining the company type (PTY ltd or other – According to Australian business standards)

Before you go ahead and start a real estate business in Australia, you need to determine its type. There are two sorts of corporations in Australia: private (proprietary) and public. The proprietary company, denoted by a ‘Pty’ at the end of the business name, is Australia’s most prevalent kind of corporation.

PTY Ltd stands for ‘proprietary limited’ and refers to a sort of private company structure used in Australia. These are privately held businesses with a small number of stockholders. They don’t make their stock available to the general public. Shareholders of a Pty Ltd firm have limited legal liability for the company’s debts. If you want to invest and start a real estate business, you should start it in PTY Ltd.

Make a Strategic Plan

Take some time to examine and prioritize your future ambitions before you jump right in. This entails considering your personal, professional, and financial objectives, as they will all have an impact on how you establish and grow your real estate investing firm. Begin by imagining yourself five, ten, and fifteen years in the future. Then devise a plan for taking more immediate steps to get you there.

Putting everything down in a writing document helps you make strategic judgments on how to attain company success.

  • Think Through Professional Goals
  • Conduct In-Depth Research
  • Organize Your Finances
  • Craft Your Business Strategy
  • Form An LLC
  • Plan Your Marketing
  • Build A Website
  • Launch Campaigns
  • Stay On Top Of Leads
  • Build A Support Network


Decide Revenue/Commission You’d Make On Each Client/Deal

The commission /revenue is only paid to the agent after the buyer has formally taken possession of the property. The transferring attorneys will take care of this, and after registration, they will pay the agent and then transfer any remaining funds to the seller.

All of the efforts to purchase and sell a home are covered by a real estate commission. Trust them when they say that a professional realtor goes above and beyond to assist you in buying or selling a home A seller’s agent can show you how to prepare your property for buyers and help you price it correctly because they know what similar properties in your region are selling for. And according to the amount of the project/property, the commission will decide on each client.


Who are the big real estate competitors?

Some individuals have already established themselves as participants in the business. With their titan status in the industry, the prospects will refer to one of these names as their choice of service expert.

But it doesn’t deter you; instead, learn from them, develop with them, and figure out how to gain from both their achievements and failings. The following are a selection of these brands:

  • Elders Real Estate

Harcourts was formed in 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand, and now has 40% of the market share in the country. It has grown into several foreign markets throughout the years, or should I say decades, including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, the United States, Canada, and others.

  • L J Hooker

LJ Hooker is one of Australia’s largest real estate firms, with 730 offices around the country. In comparison to other franchised businesses, LJ Hooker places a greater emphasis on the Australian and surrounding markets.

  • Barry Plant

Barry Plant was founded in 1979 and now has 78 branches around Australia. As a result, it’s a little smaller than the other agencies on this list, but it’s built a solid reputation over time.

Some popular Real Estate Companies In Australia

The top real estate in Australia also includes Cloudstaff, McGees Property Adelaide, Southern Cross Group.

Whereas, Cerno Group, Commercial SA, Australia City Properties Management, Core Realty are the top real estates based in Sydney. The Melburnian and Brisbane markets are led by Ethical Property Australia and WillCom Property Group, Cadence Australia.

License & Certifications

You must fulfill qualifying standards and finish a qualification and certificate of registration in your state or territory to become a Real Estate Agent in Australia. You’ll also need to work under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent to obtain experience. The requirements for obtaining a real estate agent’s License differ by state.

  • Work experience in its entirety. You must have worked as an agent’s representative for at least 12 months full-time during the previous three years before applying for a license.
  • Complete a real estate course such as Diploma of property which is agency management. And Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) (CPP40307 or CPP41419 every state may have different codes) offered by a licensed training organization.
  • File a request for a real estate agent’s License.

Paperwork Required To Start a Real Estate Business In Australia

If you wish to create a business in Australia, you must fulfill some requirements to run a business. You must be legally compliant and knowledgeable about all applicable rules and regulations in your sector. For legal considerations, every firm must be carefully documented. This paperwork must be in place for a real estate firm to function effectively and freely. One may expend considerable work to ensure that these documents are obtained and kept up to date because when a firm complies with the rules of the state or country, it has complete freedom to operate.

The following are a few of the paperwork required for this sort of business:

  • Tax ID Number / TFN
  • ABN
  • Partnership Agreement (if a partner is involved)
  • Trademark Registrations
  • Business Plan
  • Insurance Policy
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs
  • Online Terms of Use
  • Online Privacy Policy Documents
  • Company Bylaws

Can Non-Citizens Start a Real Estate Business In Australia?

Yes, the non-citizens need to provide the first 5 requirements:

  • Valid visa details that clearly mentions and permits you to work in Australia
  • Certified passport copy
  • Current residential address proof
  • Contact details of primary applicant/license holder
  • Criminal record check

For all the applicants, provide with:

  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of citizenship (Birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or passport)
  • Contact details of the applicant
  • Criminal record check

The cost required for a Real estate agency license in Australia is between $1,500 to $3,000 for 1 to 3 years.

How to promote the business

Customers are necessary for your business to survive and develop. You must market your business in order to attract clients. It used to be a simple matter of choosing between a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or a classified ad in the local newspaper.

However, in today’s digital age, the options are limitless. Whether you have no budget, a limited budget, or some wiggle room, you can still find the most effective and efficient methods for promoting business.

  • Create a YouTube Channel and place commercials through promotional ads. This will give you maximum exposure to the targetted audience or city.
  • Ensure that you’re listed in the local directories.
  • Enlist your business in Australian Street, as it highlights the High-Profile Businesses in Australia. 
  • Participate in international expos, conferences, and trade shows to meet new people and expand your network. In this industry, networking is one of the most important deal-makers.
  • Make use of the marketer’s services.
  • Internet marketing is a great way to get the word out about your company.
  • Start making use of social media

 Advantages, Risks & Challenges in Starting a Real Estate Agency

 The Australian housing business is vulnerable to economic downturns, which impacts real estate agents directly. One of the risks is the high degree of household indebtedness; many people have taken on obligations to purchase a home, which raises the question of how to collect payments. When potential purchasers seek the most excellent credit deal, high-interest charges may put your firm at risk.

When running a company like this, you must constantly keep political policies in mind as a guideline for your job. Government regulations can also threaten your business, so be sure your firm is following all applicable laws in the state where you choose to operate. Make sure you have all of the licenses and permits you’ll need to run your business smoothly.

However, Here are some benefits to start a real estate business that the most significant investors take advantage of to boost their profits.

  • Real Estate is a Fast-Growing Sector.
  • Your real estate career can be started quickly and easily, and you can earn an unlimited amount of money.
  • Working Hours Can Be Customized
  • Possibility of Meeting New People and Forming Relationships
  • There are a variety of careers to choose from.


You can start the real estate business by keeping all the things mentioned above in mind. It is worthwhile to start a real estate business in Australia as it gives you a better outcome and helps you create a profit.

What to avoid doing in Real Estate Agency Busines: DO NOT AUCTION THE PROPERTY (It requires a separate license) 

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