Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar – The Beating Heart Of The Melbourne

In 1954, Nino Pangrazio the co-owner of the restaurant started the business with his partner Sisto Malaspina (Late). They brought the business so much in succession that it won the hearts of people in the city and around. And so it is also known as the beating heart of the Melbourne. Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar has always been the favourite cafe and Italian restaurant. People gather here with friends and communities and spend quality time and socializing with strangers.

Aussies are coffee lovers, especially the Melburnians due to its cold and fluctuational weather. Though you have never sipped a coffee here, you just can try it out knowing its significance. Basically, it was founded in 1954 by the Pellegrini brothers Leo and Video (former), who imported Australia’s first espresso machine. This gave a new recognition to the city through the fragrance of coffee, the taste of food and culture as well.

Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar – More Info:

In the year 1974, Pellegrini’s was sold to Nino Pangrazio and Sisto Malaspina (former partner). To tell the truth, the new partners really worked hard to maintain the diginity of the restaurant. They continued working with the Pellegrini brothers for around 3 months in transition. This was to make sure that no compromise with the real taste and quality be made. The overall motive was to maintain the flavours, quality and love of existing customers. By now only a few changes in terms of appearance and interior are been made.

After transition, Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar became a more popular destination for everyone. This including Tourists, Theatre Actors & Crew, and recognizable personalities.

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