Old ‘National Wool Museum’ Geelong

This old National Wool Museum in Geelong recounts as one of the Australian history museums. It narrates the Australian story of wool, fibre, textiles and skills behind. This specific wool industry had a great impact on Australian culture. (Ref [1])


History Of Geelong

In 1788, the very first fleet of sheep arrived in the country. This has a great influence on the Australian economy and the agriculture sector. Simultaneously, the country did set its standard of exporting the world-class quality of wool across the globe.

The closest farmlands to Geelong of the Western District was destined as a suitable place for shipping Australian wool. Shipping and supplying to rest of the world became easier throughout the period.

The introductory wool mill opened in 1868 in Geelong Victoria. Shortly, wool expansiveness forming town’s major trade. The industry boomed to a significant centre of trading wool in the world. The reason itself elaborates that Geelong was known as the ‘wool centre of the world’ for years.

Specifically, the wool trading spots and stores were located at Geelong’s Waterfront along the foreshore and Brougham Streets.

Unfortunately, the woollen mills do not exist now. Some of the stores still exist and converted into a museum or visiting destinations. These historical stores include the National Wool Museum, Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus and Westfield Shopping Complex.


National Wool Museum Geelong – History

The establishment of the National Wool Museum took place in the year 1988, inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 14 April. Assigning it as one of the most remarkable bicentenary projects in the state of Victoria. And hence became a part of Australian Bicentennial Celebrations (Ref [2])The museum is located in Dennys, Lascelles Ltd Woolstore at 26 Moorabool Street, Geelong

Now the destination has become a must-see museum and tourist attraction which is inclusive of Denny’s Kitchen (restaurant) and Lambys (nightclub).


Axminster Jacquard Carpet Loom

The core element of the museum is the magnificent 1910 Axminster Jacquard Carpet Loom. It was originally built by Brintons in England and was operating in Geelong from 1960 replacing in 1975. The Loom eventually found its way to the National Wool Museum where Brinton’s engineering staff restored it to full working condition. (Ref [3])

It’s glad, you can still see how carpet’s beautiful designing takes places because the carpet loom still works the same. The video below was shot recently 2019 showing how it still works smoothly. This is something you can show up to your kids to make them understand the ancient culture and trading held in past Australia.


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