National Gallery Of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, is a renowned museum located in Melbourne, Australia.

NGV is very famous in the World, due to the large number of works which are present there. It also happens to be oldest art museum in Australia.

It has a wide range of artworks housed within its walls. Asian Art, Australian Art, International Art, Prints & Drawings etc., are some of the categories which a visitor while find inside the museum.

With over 75,000 works in total, of which a lot are also available in high quality for downloading, NGV Melbourne has been the centre of attraction for a long time.

The public art museum has a lot of facilities inside it, such as picnic area, shops, cafeterias, etc.

It was particularly founded in 1861, it is Australia’s oldest but largest and most visited art museum.

After all this information, do you think that you should pay a visit to the museum, and check out the masterpieces which are present there?

Well, why not?

Why Visit NGV?

Well, visiting NGV shouldn’t be a tough call.

On the first note, there is no entry fees as the art museum is public. The National Gallery of Victoria has always kept its doors open for zealous enthusiasts who are into art, and like to know things which are present in their surroundings!

All the art works have been created by top-quality artists, and there’s nothing false in accepting that the art works depict a particular time, culture and also values.

The art museum is itself divided into two buildings, which are the NGV International and Ian Potter Centre. While the former building has all the international art works, the latter has Australian art works. Both of them are popular, and have impressive as well as attractive facades.

Available For Exhibitions

The National Gallery of Victoria is also known for the all the exhibitions that are organized there. The main purpose of these exhibitions is to provide the visitors with knowledge, stories and historical facts about the art works which are present there.

In fact, there are also some new design stores which have been opened now.

If you are into reading, then Shaw Research Library is a place where you’d definitely yourself to be! The library is at NGV Melbourne, and one can find various books as well as art forms, which aren’t available at any other place.

Even tours are organized for the visitors, and highly-trained instructors lead the way, while sharing information about the art works.

Appreciate National Gallery Of Victoria

You can also support the NGV, with the help of donations and contributing for other programs. In fact, a lot of art works are housed in NGV, through donations and fund-raising programs.

Your support is appreciated by them, and they also want more and more people to visit their museum, and get to know some extra-ordinary talents.

The artists who have contributed to the art works present inside the museum, have their own amazing life stories. And all of it can come to you, if you visit the museum personally!

Don’t think about it. Register yourself and book your tickets!

National Gallery Of Victoria – Julia deVille

NGV – Anup Kabra

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    I just love Melbourne

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    This is what excites me

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