Tourist Visa Australia 2021 (Subclass 600) – After Covid-19

Tourist Visa Australia 2021 (Subclass 600) – After Covid-19

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Tourist Visa Australia (SC 600) – Explore The Beauty & Businesses In Australia

During the Covid-19 outbreak, It has become quite difficult to apply for a visitor or a tourist visa in Australia. Temporarily, for now, the issuance of a visitor visa is restricted except for a few categories of people. There are possibilities for candidates applying for such visa whose one of the two parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. 

This tourist stream visa type is applicable outside Australia. Except that of Australia, these are the countries where more applicants apply from India, UK, United States, Philippines, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Turkey and the Middle East. 

Note: Doing business on the mentioned visa is illegal, but basic research before application of business visa can be done. By any means, you should not intend to get paid by doing any activity when on a visit. 

Stay Period

Visitor or Tourist visa in Australia comes with a validity of 12 months (it could also be 3 or 6 months) depending on the requirements. Sometimes the validity may be extended more than 12 months only when the applicant has one of the parents as an Australian resident.

Processing Time & Cost

  • 48 days, for 90% of applications
  • 44 days, for 75% of applications

What You Can Do With This Visa?

There could be several purposes of visiting Australia, but the grant is limited to the genuineness for application. You can do following on specified visa: 

    • Visiting family or friends (You need to have a proper acquaintance and address of the person/family with whom you’d be staying)
    • You are a traveller and love exploring nature, beauty, tradition or cruising

Note: While applying you need to submit any planned itinerary or document enlisting places, tourist spots and destinations where you’d be visiting during the stay.

You Cannot Do With This Visa

  • No work at all (it is not permissible to work on subclass 600 visa)
  • No Study (for more than 3 months; whether online, classroom or any form of training)
  • No business or planned medical treatment is allowed

Australian Tourist Visa Requirements

Meeting some crucial requirements is essential at the time of application including health, character, funds, necessary documents and returning evidence. 

Health & Character Requirements

In order to avoid health and safety risk to Australian citizens, permanent residents and to keep the economic conditions stable; it is essential one must meet the health requirements. It also helps the system to control how much they spend on social security, allowances and pension services.

To know more about who needs the health examination and how to arrange it visit Immi Homeaffairs Health Requirements 

One may not pass the character requirement if he/she has been convicted for the following:

  • Have a substantial criminal record
  • Involved in a war crime, smuggling, people trafficking or a crime of international concern
  • Performed criminal act including Molest, harassment, stalking or threatening people 
  • Escaped from immigration detention
  • Found guilty and charged proven for an act

It is mandatory to provide all suspected, known and hidden criminal records related to your past and present. It is also necessary to declare and truthfully answer all the questions asked in the application. Read more about character requirements for visa

Documents Required

  • Travel Document (e.g. passport)
  • National Identity Document – Other than a passport (e.g. driving license, dual citizenship card, voter Id, adhaar, etc.)
  • Family Register & Composition Form (e.g. family register book, family card, ration card that enlists the names of family members)
  • Invitation From Family, Friend or Organisation (Any email, card, letter or similar proof that describes you are being called-up or invited to Australia)
  • Evidence Of Financial Status and Funding For Visa (e.g. Bank statement of yours and sponsor, Payslip of yours/sponsor, any other income source stating your/sponsor’s consistent income)
  • Evidence Of Returning to Your Country After Visit (explained ahead)
  • Change Of Name Evidence (e.g. Marriage certificate or other)
  • Evidence Of Applicant’s Previous Travel (e.g. Ticket or Visa of a previous holiday, pilgrimage or business trip to another country) 
  • Photograph – Passport Size (45mm x 35mm)

Note 1: If you already have the documents but in a different language other than English, it’s better to get those translated through professional translators mentioning its purpose for a visa.

Note 2: You need to get all the documents to get certified (true copied) from a legal authority, police station, advocate or a doctor.


You Must Have Enough Money Before / To Visit Australia

Some countries immigration department doesn’t care about your financial conditions to manage in their country. But Australia is among one of the strict and highly disciplined countries in the matters of community, health, and border protection. 

If one visiting Australia is unable to disclose the financial condition is not entitled to succeed in the application. While you fill-up the visa form (subclass 100) it is asked to provide the financial evidence; stating that you are living a stable lifestyle and can easily support yourself while in Australia. 

Here is the list of evidence you can provide disclosing your financial circumstances:

  • Bank statement (Last 6-12 months)
  • Income sources (Salary, Business, Freelance or other multiple sources of income)
  • Accumulated/Savings Amount, Deposits, Investments, Business Capital (Optional but supportive evidence)

Note: The financial evidence of the sponsor or person who would be supporting you in Australia should also be provided. 

Evidence Of Returning To Your Country After The Visit

Further, you also need to provide evidence of returning back to your country after 3 months, in the form of:

  • Employer’s letter (for the continuation of job/work)
  • Pending project details that you’d be completing on returning
  • Declaration from any trustable person/authority mentioning your purpose of temporarily being in Australia, and returning to your country in a specific period)

Note: In case if you cannot provide financial support at your or your sponsor’s end with the evidence of returning back to your country, there would be no other choice but rejection of an application. 


Change Of Circumstances Where a Baby Is Born On Tourist Visa In Australia

There could be 2 reasons for elaborating the birth of the baby on this visa. First, it could be an unexpected delivery before the due date or premature birth you can call it. In such a circumstance, you might have planned to return to your country before the estimated due date; and the baby is born surprisingly earlier. In the second scenario, people may willingly visit Australia to get their baby in a pleasant atmosphere, well medical assistance, and expecting citizenship in Australia. 

Here are some essential questions that would answer and clarify your doubts in relation to babies born in Australia:

Is/was your baby born in Australia while you or your partner was on tourist visa subclass 600?
Assume your answer is Yes!
At the time of the newborn’s birth, was/is one of the two parents an Australian citizen, a permanent residence visa holder, or an eligible New Zealand citizen?
Consider your answer as Yes!

So your baby’s status may be: Australian citizen

By default, your baby would be an Australian citizen if parents meet one of the mentioned conditions. A newborn might also get dual citizenship if considered. 

Note: If your baby is an Australian citizen, the newborn will need an Australian passport to leave and enter Australia.

Visit the Australian Passport Office website to find out how to apply for an Australian passport and what documents you need. If you need to show evidence of the baby’s Australian citizenship, apply online for Evidence of Australian Citizenship.

In a case, none of the 2 parents was an Australian citizen, PR visa holder, or New Zealand citizen then your baby won’t be eligible to get citizenship of Australia. Still, there are some possibilities if your child stays in Australia for 10 consecutive years meeting the essential conditions. 


Vevo App Assistance

VEVO stands for ‘Visa Entitlement Verification Online.

In general, it allows all visa holders, employers, education service providers to check current ‘in-effect’ visa details and conditions. 

VEVO shows the following details:

  • Which visa are you currently on (only ‘in-effect’ ones)
  • Visa expiry date
  • Shows ‘must not arrive after the date’
  • Valid stay period
  • Crucial ‘Conditions’ (what you can do on this visa and what you cannot)

VEVO provides with short but significant details to keep you updated about your visa in order to avoid overstay or breaking any immigration law. 


For a more step-by-step guide on visa subclass 600 visit Immi.

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