Lease Financing In Australia – Insights (2015-2020)

Lease Financing In Australia – Insights (2015-2020)

Lease financing is one of the mediums for financial institutions to generate the source of finance. This basically means it becomes easier to acquire & lend a loan through business lending. Here are the figures of the lending for lease financing in Australia.

Sr No.YearFigures in Billions (AUD)
Lease Financing in Australia (Business Lending Figures)

In the year 2015, the business lending figure in Australia was about 9.9 billion Australian dollars. A slight drop is observed in the year 2016 of about 1.0 billion. The years 2017 and 2019 were at a peak beyond 10 billion AUD. 2018’s business lending was remained near-to steady at 9.71. Whereas, in 2020 figured are seen of about 7.9 billion dollars.

Overall in the year 2017, the exponential calculation of 10.14 billion Australian dollars was observed.

Lease Financing In Australia
Figures For Lease Financing (BL)

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