I Want To Start a Driving School (Instructor) Business In Australia, But How?

I Want To Start a Driving School (Instructor) Business In Australia, But How?

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When you plan to start a driving school business, there arise 10s of questions to figure out how? This info-guide will assist you in taking through the practical way of achieving so.

If you want to start a driving instructor school in Australia, the very first step would be to analyze your skills. And evaluate your capability to teach safely. When you win over the primary stage of education the further process just becomes easier.

Starting a Driving School Business

Let’s head on to the essential steps required to start a driving instructor school in any state of Australia.

Research About Locations & Potentials to Start a Driving School

In general, driving instructors prefer the location where they reside or the nearest popular suburb. Specifically, the location where the driving test is performed.

For instance, an instructor residing at Craigieburn will cover some of the areas of the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. These include Roxburgh Park, Coolaroo, Meadow Heights, and Broadmeadows.

The clear target market is to provide services to people willing to give tests in Broadmeadows or Coolaroo Center.

Similarly, the instructor residing at Sydney CBD will attempt to promote services either within CBD or in nearby areas.

Identify Your Driving Skills

Before you put yourself and others’ lives at risk, it is essential for you to understand your expertise.

Ask yourself these questions:

Understanding your own skills well will build a level of confidence within yourself. The confidence to apply a particular technique for smart driving. And the level of confidence to implement the perfect maneuver in one go.

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Register Your Driving Business and ABN

Make the process of registering your company faster. Once you successfully identify your skills, it’s time to get some legal formalities done. Instead of wandering to several agencies and online sites for several tasks. Get it all done in one place. This includes registering ABN and registration of your company. You may even opt to hire a lawyer or get general and crucial advice.

Set a Fee As Your Revenue From Each Student

The fees charged by the instructors differ by a few dollars. A big difference in rate may leave a trainee surprised. Which may enforce them to opt for the one with an affordable rate covering the maximum test route.

Generally, the trainee asks for driving practice on the actual test route where the test would be performed. Within the same locality, there would exist 100s of driving schools providing the same services.

Sometimes it’s quite challenging to outrank those and acquire the lead. But gradually your Google reviews and testimonials will grab most of the customers.

Here’s the table of rates generally charged by Driving Schools in Australia.

Lessons45 Mins Session60 Mins Session90 Mins Session
Test Day$170$180$210
Driving School Fees Rate Card

Instructors also create affordable customized packages that are inclusive of 3-5 lessons (45-60 mins each) + Test Day.

Some expert instructors, do charge lesser than the standard price. And so they win more students, reviews, and popularity in a few months. Well, not all schools can afford it due to several expenses to be taken into consideration.

Conditions & Requirements To Start a Motor Training School

  • Above the age of 21
  • Have a Full Driving License
  • Provide proof of identification document
  • You need to acquire TLI41216 or TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction).
  • Police Character Check / Clear from any Criminal Record
  • Provide Traffic History Check
  • 3 Years of experience In Driving the expected class of vehicle
  • Complete the Theory Assessment
  • Medically Fit
  • Accomplish the Practical Driving Assessment
  • Provide WWC Check (Working With Children Check), if dealing with children under the age of 18.
  • Maintained vehicle condition
  • All features and essentials should be working
  • Available gear for instruction and safety of trainer, trainee, and other road users

Sources Of Business Funds

Every business requires a minimum amount of capital. If you don’t have a well-conditioned vehicle to train the trainees. You need to buy a new one.

You may go through the 10 Sources Of Finance For a Business – Could be helpful!

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Manage The Maintenance Cost And Other Expenditures

If you are starting a driving school business with your own vehicle that’s absolutely fine. You need to ensure the following:

  • The vehicle is well-maintained and functioning
  • The signals, beams, hazard lights, indicators, wipers, and horn are working
  • Tires aren’t bald
  • The vehicle’s exterior and interior are clean and odor-free
  • The vehicle is serviced on a weekly and monthly basis (either by yourself or the professionals)
  • Ensure the fuel is sufficient enough for the day
  • You’ve got the driving school name labeled on the vehicle (along with the contact and operation areas)
  • Have your trainer’s guide or booklet ready to explain basic rules and maneuvers to start with
  • Keep the anti-bacterial wipes, face tissue, and face mask available all the time
  • Sanitize the seat, steering, and gears after every trainee uses it

Some major expenses come with the vehicle’s general maintenance or repairs (if any).

The secondary expenses are minor but essential. Viz. Sanitizers, Wipes, etc.

Conclusion To Start a Driving School In Australia

The procedure does sound lengthy. But once you set your objective and goals to be achievable, everything goes smoothly. It is essential to have a word with a business lawyer or get some advice on how to go about it.

Starting a business is never an easy task. but we make it easier for you.

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