How To Start a Restaurant In Australia 2022? Plan & Requirements

How To Start a Restaurant In Australia 2022? Plan & Requirements

Doing something new always makes you question your worth. Are you ready for it? How will you do it? All these things bother you while starting anything new. The same things will happen to you if you are planning and wondering how to start a restaurant in Australia in the year 2022. Everything should be perfect, from location to the name of the restaurant and how you want to decide the menu and how you will make your restaurant popular. All these things are very necessary to plan before you open a restaurant.

Elaboration On ‘How To Start a Restaurant In Australia’?

Doing something new always makes you question your worth. Are you ready for it? How will you do it? All these things bother you while starting anything new. The same things will happen to you if you are planning to open a new restaurant. Everything should be perfect, from location to the name of the restaurant and how you want to decide the menu and how you will make your restaurant popular. All these things are very necessary to plan before you open a restaurant.

Determine Your Food Business Type & Cuisine

Before you start, you should sit down and consider the type of restaurant or food vending you want to open.

It could be royal fine dine restaurant, ‘small’ street restaurant, food van, food stall or something unique. 

The size and type of food service further relates to the Pty Ltd or other formation type. 

If you alone make, serve and take the feedback from a small stall business, sole trader would be suitable too. 

The bigger dreams, means bigger restaurant plan should always prefer Pty Ltd (Private – Proprietary Limited). This requires a minimum of one director and maximum 50 shareholders. 

Cuisines & Themes

The concept also includes the type of food you intend to serve. You need to evaluate the cuisines that people would love the most & demand in the market.

The style of service, theme or environment you want for your restaurant. The concept is essential in determining your restaurant’s mission, personality, and identity and thus is linked to the brand.

Starting from small?

Not necessary every restaurant assigns with a bigger business. In order to start a restaurant in Australia, it’s suggested to initiate with small to med business size. This helps understand the market and consumer behaviour better.

Research About ‘How To Start a Restaurant In Australia?’

The primary research always comes from the web. It’s an intellectual habit of making an initial research about business needs and requirements through the informative portals.  

Portal-Based Research

These include the following:

  1. Looking into the competitors website (what and how they operate)
  2. Following the business and restaurant blogs available on the internet.
  3. Engage yourself in the forums and community sites (in Australia) to gain the output
  4. Engaging with mentors and social media experts within the same niche
  5. Occasionally following the series of AustralianStreet learning how businesses in Australia start and operate 

Traditional Research Method

The secondary, but the crucial research is traditional method of researching, which include:

  1. Visiting several restaurants and experiencing the Goods & the Bads
  2. Interacting with the restaurant staff or the manager about the consumer policy they carry
  3. Meeting the small food van and stall vendors. Getting familiar and initiating the key-point conversation (without revealing your plan).
  4. Meeting the acquaintances and advisors who better understand this field than you do.

Most importantly, making the notes of inclusions, exclusions, what to do and what not to. 

Process Of Opening A New Restaurant In Australia

Here is the full procedure you should follow if you want to open a food business in Australia. Have a look.

Make a Plan

Depending on the nature and capacity of your concept, your plan could range from 10 to 50 pages long. You will need to provide particular details for your research and potential investors in several sections of the restaurant business plan.

Pick Your Location

Choosing a location is an important aspect of your plan. To ensure visibility and a steady flow of customers, a relevant location should be easily reachable by car or walk in a high traffic area. It is also critical to select a not overly competitive location; opening a restaurant a safe distance from your fiercest competitors may be a good way to attract a steady stream of customers

Essential Kitchen Equipment Required                    

  • Kitchen Infrastructure
  • Oven & Cooking Appliances
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Benchtop Equipment
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Cookware and Crockery
  • Commercial Exhaust Systems 
How to Start a Restaurant In Australia

Recruitment Requirement

You can begin hiring employees for the kitchen and floor as your opening date approaches. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to find the right professionals for each position. Feel free to ask queries or even request a test-taste of the food prepared by the chefs under consideration, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them and their food preparation abilities.

Small Food Businesses – Food Van / Food Stall

Mostly small food vendors stall alone or max 2 people to get business going

  • Chef – Is the primary employee in any kind of food business
  • Cashier / Order & System Operator; and Serving Employee – For busy spots these 3 tasks can be performed by a single employee 

Med to Large Fine Dine Restaurants

Minimum 4-5 employees for a medium sized restaurant. And 8-10 employees for a Med to Large restaurant are must. These include:

  • Chefs
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Host (One who welcomes customers and arranges the table, reservations and so on)
  • Server (Waiter/waitress – One who serves)
  • Bar Manager
  • Bartender
  • Runner (Ensures the food is lined up appropriately in the kitchen as per the order; And passes onto the servers accordingly)
  • Busser (One who clears up the table, and sets it fresh & ready for new guests)
  • Cahier (One who accepts and clears the payment. Cahiers also are responsible for taking online orders and delivery management)

3 General Requirements To Start a Restaurant In Australia

Top 3 Things You Require To Start A New Restaurant

Following are some essential things you require before you start a food business in Australia.

1) Construction Mandates

All of your kitchen and other equipment must meet the sanitary standards of the district. Self-service counters, for example, can only use wood for support if it’s encased in a waterproof material like stainless steel, has a food-grade solid-surface top, and has no holes for plumbing, wiring, and piping.

2) Installation Required

The regulation also applies to how you arrange your equipment in the restaurant. For example, unless a piece of equipment is easily movable or sealed to the wall, it requires enough unobstructed space around it to allow for easy cleaning. Equipment that isn’t bolted to the floor should be on wheels or have at least 6 inches of clearance beneath it.

3) Customer Base

Your newly established restaurant will require a customer base, or a bunch of regular customers, to eat your food. Suppose your restaurant has a theme, such as Ethiopian food or fresh, local ingredients. In that case, you will attract customers from the demographic of people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

Online Food Order

Online Ordering & Delivery System

Nothing new! We all are familiar with online food ordering and delivery systems. It makes the restaurant efficiently set the info, menu, and payment methods for instantly serving the customers.

Secondly, promoting our own menu and getting customers to new restaurant sites is a bit challenging. Especially in the COVID crisis, online competition among restaurants has increased expediently. 

Online ordering service providers have made restaurant businesses get more exposure in the market. No matter, how new you are, or how experienced your staff is. The online system has diversified opportunities for everyone new or old in the food business. 

For customers, placing orders online has become much more convenient than personally visiting the restaurant for takeaways.  

Cost Required

  • Food Truck – Min $7000 AUD; Including Advertisement & Branding $15,000+ (Would Expedite The Growth)
  • Small to Medium ‘Local Street Restaurant’ – Min $3,00,000 AUD (On Lease/Rent); Including Advertisement & Branding $6,50,000+ (Would Expedite The Growth)
  • Large / 5 Star Fine Dine Restaurant (At populous locality) – Min $7,00,000 AUD (Lease/Rent); Including Advertisement & Branding $15,00,000+ (Would Expedite The Growth)

Restaurant Stakeholders

  • Owner / Sponsor / CEO
  • Managers
  • Staff Members
  • Customers
  • Commodities & Equipment Suppliers
  • Bank / Investors / Fund Organizers 
  • Publishers & Media
  • Government
  • Competitors

Licencing & Registration Process To Start a Restaurant In Australia

To open a new food business in Australia, you need different things like liquor, music, a good location, etc., and to operate these things. Read the following points to know more. 

Because licenses may take several weeks or months to be issued, you must begin the application process as soon as you have funding. Think about hiring a lawyer to help you with the license applications to ensure that everything is done correctly.

1) Certificate Of Occupancy

The zoning department in Australia will issue a certificate of occupancy once your location has passed the final building inspection. The certificate of occupancy attests to the building’s proper construction and maintenance. The procedure varies from Australia’s law and judicial system.

2) Food Service License

The city or county health department is usually in charge of issuing food service licenses. The health department will inspect your establishment to ensure that all restaurant food safety regulations are being followed. Once you have obtained this license, the health department will continue to inspect your restaurant on a regular basis.

3) Liquor License

A liquor license is required if you intend to serve alcoholic beverages. You may be required to apply for both a liquor license and a beer and wine license in certain states. Begin as soon as possible. Depending on Australia’s law, applying for and receiving a liquor license from the city government’s liquor control board can take months.

4) Valet Parking Permission

If you intend to open a fine dining or full-service restaurant, you may provide valet parking for customers. To apply, you must provide the state with a detailed plan of the proposed pick-up/drop-off area that shows the number of spaces needed, as well as a letter of agreement between your chosen valet operator and the restaurant outlining financial arrangements, including how and when the guest will make payments for your services.

So these are the permissions you need to get if you are planning to open a new restaurant in Australia.

General Info About Licences and Registration In Australia

Documents Required

Access Online ABR For All The Above Services

 Compare everything you need before starting a restaurant in Australia!

Who Can Help Me To Start a Restaurant In Australia? 

There are several entities and individuals that help you get started. It’s always good to begin with a consultant or an advisor to diagnose the set-up problems and design the action plans.

The smart initiation!

The Best Advisories & Consultants

A Chef Consultant, who has the tools and instincts to help you reach your goals.

Ian Curley is a British-born and Australian-based chef, with over 25-years of experience.

The better suggestion!

Online Food Ordering Systems

Uber Eats has hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Easily Add your new restaurant unlocking the new growth!

Door to Door Delivery System which also empowers local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live.

The never regression!

Kitchen Suppliers

Fulfils every hospitality business needs.

Sourcing and supplying equipment that add value to your business.

Add My Business

Do you want to include your company in this list?

How Would You Promote Your Restaurant Business In Australia?

Advertise Your Restaurant Business

Advertising your new restaurant will help to attract customers by capturing the attention of potential diners. Make certain that you select the most appropriate advertising channels while keeping in mind the type of customers you want to reach. The primary goal of your advertising should be to pique people’s interest in your new dining establishment by utilizing high-quality images of some of the dishes on offer and sharing relevant information about your restaurant.

Soft Opening

Before going live, you should consider having a soft opening – this is very common in the industry. Having a soft opening allows your staff to put their skills to the test without the tension of serving the general public during a sizeable grand opening. It’s a good idea to give everyone a “trial run” with the point of sale system, as well as fine-tune your mealtimes.

FAQs – To Start a Finance Company In Australia

Is it the right time to start a restaurant in Australia due to terrible COVID crises?

COVID crises will keep rising and lowering in the coming years as well. It’s better to create a plan for a future-based restaurant strategy to overcome the crises. If you’ve got a full-proof plan and the team ready to implement, the pandemic won’t affect the business harshly. It’s smart to emphasize more on the online food ordering and delivery system, which is even cost-saving.

What's the potential of Restaurant business being successful in my locality?

Australia is a country of food lovers, and health conscious, not to forget. It’s rude to underestimate the potential of food business growth. Whatever happens, people are not going to stop eating or looking for something new around. The only important thing to focus on is ‘Location’. If you live in a countryside area, make sure the locality is populated or people show more interest in socializing. There’s no point of even starting an online restaurant service if the consumers at yours or nearby location do not prefer outside food. It’s important to do a general research of the area where you are expecting the repeated business from. Understanding the consumer behaviour, buying and spending habits is significant as well.

Conclusion – Should I Start a Restaurant in Australia or Not?

To open or to start a restaurant in Australia is not all an easy task, but not impossible even.  When you have strong intuitions that you can do it, that means you can. Australians have a great food taste and always crave good restaurants. So your planning about opening a new restaurant should be made with keeping in mind what the people want. The article mentioned above guides what things you want for your new restaurant. Further, what procedure you should follow to open a new food business in Australia. And the kind of license permissions you need. So what are you waiting for? Make all the arrangements you want and make your dream come true of opening a successful restaurant now.


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