7 solutions to rising Petrol Prices in Australia can save more without any fuel voucher card

7 solutions to rising Petrol Prices in Australia can save more without any fuel voucher card

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We’ve come up with 7 solid solutions to rising Petrol Prices in Australia that can help you take wiser decisions and save more on fuel.

1st Solution – Diversify Energy Sources

Australia should invest in diversifying its energy sources to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Encouraging the adoption of renewable energy technologies. These are solar, wind and hydroelectric power can help transition away from petrol-based transportation. The government encouraging electric vehicles (EVs) can make them more affordable, further decreasing petrol consumption.

2nd Solution – Changing the Vehicle Model

I know this isn’t easy. But in the long run, you should plan to opt for the newest model of your car or vehicle that has the best mileage. That means it should consume lesser fuel and perform durably. You may also, think of getting a Hybrid model where switching between Fuel and Electric mode could result worth it. Also, avoid opting for 2 seater sports car. This might use up more fuel when accelerated more to show off.

3rd Solution – Prefer Public Transit Sometimes

Improving and expanding public transportation networks, especially in populated areas can offer an effective solution. The use of buses, trains, trams, and bike-sharing systems can help people travel without really worrying about fuel and parking in cities. Make public transit your alternative for weekend fun.

4th Solution – Occasional Remote and Flexible Work

We all know work-from-home was the best decision taken by most companies in Australia during the pandemic. Those who still go all 5 days a week on work must ask their employer to switch at least a day to remote. Keeping things in mind that some employees were terminated due to not performing quality work or skipping the workdays. Being honest and disciplined with work might increase your remote working days. Ultimately saving your money on fuel for the day.

5th Solution: Govt. Setting Fuel Efficiency Standards

Enforcing stricter fuel efficiency standards for imported vehicles can lead to reduced petrol consumption. The government can mandate that overseas automakers produce vehicles with higher fuel efficiency ratings and lower emissions for Australians. This method would encourage the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles, which are more economical in the long run.

6th Solution: Increase the Frequency to Book a Carpool and Ride-sharing

Yes, we know that traveling through a Carpool or ride-sharing can definitely reduce the number of vehicles on the road. The only thing is that most people in Australia prefer having privacy when commuting. The better solution is reducing it to at least once fortnightly. Moreover, the Victorian government reducing the commuting cost, especially in a growing city like Melbourne would be helpful for new immigrants too.

7th Solution: Using the ‘CheapestFuel Australia’ App

If the above 6 solutions don’t fit your need, the 7th should definitely do.

The CheapestFuel Australia app is a web tool and mobile application designed to help users find the most affordable fuel prices in Australia. It provides real-time information about fuel prices at various petrol stations. This allows users to compare and locate the cheapest options near their current location or a specified area.

The app aims to help users save money on their fuel expenses by providing up-to-date price data. This enables them to make a rightful decision about where to refuel their vehicles.

The best thing about CheapestFuel App is that it has both listing and map-based features with navigation. It’s compatible with desktop/web, mobile, and your Vehicle’s dash screen.

Allow notification to get updates.

Cheapest Fuel Australia App

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