There you are! 5 Best Cheap Fuel Apps in Australia 2024, first one you shouldn’t Ignore

There you are! 5 Best Cheap Fuel Apps in Australia 2024, first one you shouldn’t Ignore

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Looking for low-cost fuel One of the top 5 apps is definitely going to take the lead in the first quarter of 2024, and this is none other than CheapestFuel Australia App. Let’s dive into the best cheap fuel apps, one of which Australians must try & use.

Just to make a note, these rankings are thoroughly based on 5 factors:

  • User Interface
  • Efficiency
  • Easiness
  • Wide coverage, and
  • Accurate real-time fuel prices

This table compares four popular fuel price apps in Australia: PetrolSpy, MotorMouth, FuelPrice, and NSW Fuel Check.

AppInterfaceEasinessEfficiencyWide-Coverage ProximityAccuracy of Fuel Prices
NSW Fuel Check4.

Detailed Comparison Of Fuel Apps

A. Interface

  1. CheapestFuel – The modern designed fuel price app for technology & convenience lovers. Its developers planned and executed the app appearance keeping the need and quickness of the user.
  2. PetrolSpy Offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive design. However, it’s not as clean as CheapestFuel Australia App. Even the appearance looks old-styled.
  3. MotorMouth – Although functional, the interface is the least visually appealing among the apps.
  4. FuelPrice – Has a decent interface but lacks the polish and finesse of the top contenders.
  5. NSW Fuel Check – Provides a well-organized interface, though not as visually appealing as PetrolSpy.

        B. Easiness

        1. CheapestFuel is compatible to be used by all ages and types of users. It’s made keeping fast switch and easiness of use.
        2. PetrolSpy is relatively easy to use, but some features may require slight adjustments for a better user experience.
        3. MotorMouth gives a straightforward user experience with intuitive features and navigation.
        4. FuelPrice is user-friendly, but a few aspects could be more intuitive to enhance ease of use.
        5. NSW Fuel Check is highly user-friendly, with clear instructions and easy accessibility.

        C. Efficiency

        1. Cheapest Fuel has up-to-date real-time fuel prices across Australia. Its efficiency is impressive. However, within states such as Victoria and ACT it focuses on displaying fuel prices brand-wise. That means Victoria would show up fuel prices of 7-Eleven and similar brands, instead of showing up all of the available small and other retailers.
        2. PetrolSpy is a crowdsourced app, though it’s useful, its efficiency and real-timeliness of fuel prices cannot be guaranteed.
        3. MotorMouth has efficient access to fuel prices, but occasionally the search results may take slightly longer to load.
        4. FuelPrice: Efficient in displaying fuel prices but might not cover all petrol stations.
        5. NSW Fuel Check: Swiftly provides accurate and up-to-date fuel prices, contributing to its high efficiency.

        D. Wide-Coverage Proximity

        1. CheapestFuel App has the widest coverage across Australia. Even when you look for ‘cheap fuel near me’, it’ll show up petrol stations with the lowest fuel prices within your suburb, as well as in the nearby suburbs. This functionality is great to fill in the tank at a low price in the other suburb instead of your own if it is high.
        2. PetrolSpy covers a significant number of petrol stations across Australia but may have limited coverage in remote regions.
        3. MotorMouth has comprehensive coverage of fuel stations, including remote areas.
        4. FuelPrice provides a good range of fuel stations but may lack coverage in some country-side locations.
        5. NSW Fuel Check has wide coverage, encompassing both urban and remote regions of New South Wales.

        E. Accuracy Of Fuel Prices

        1. CheapestFuel Australia App has impressive accuracy within all the states. It might sometimes not come up with options you want to see within VIC and ACT. Still, the data it provides on Active Petrol stations cannot be doubted.  
        2. PetrolSpy has been known for its convenience so far. As said before, it’s still difficult to cross-check or verify its pricing online, unless you’re using other apps to compare the price for the same fuel station.
        3. Similar to PetrolSpy MotorMouth too has a manual fuel price data entry option. This might be suitable for some users who don’t mind a slight price variation from the actual one.
        4. FuelPrice is generally accurate, though some users might encounter occasional technical obstacles in terms of pricing information.
        5. NSW Fuel Check is a known source for its accurate and reliable fuel price data, ensuring users can trust the information provided.

        Overall, all 5 are the best cheap fuel apps serving valuable tools for finding fuel prices. But each app has its own strengths and weaknesses. CheapestFuel App stands out with its user-friendly interface and efficient real-time data. The best choice completely relies on individual preferences and specific needs in terms of coverage and usability.

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