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The only education and entertainment medium we've been immersed with since childhood is 'Nursery Rhymes'. Do you remember the 'Twinkle Twinkle' or 'Baa, Baa, Black Ship?' How about 'Johnny Johnny' and 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'? Are or would your kids be listening to those as well? Of course yes. This is how 17th century to 80's nursery rhymes are still dominating the education market and will always do.

There are some key differences between the two countries that will likely impact how NFTs develop within each nation. The digital token market is still relatively small, with most tokens being created by blockchain projects based in the United States or Canada. However, that isn’t to say these markets aren’t ripe for further adoption of blockchain-based assets.

Thinking about studying abroad? If you’re looking to escape the cold and find somewhere warm, or if you’re a globe-trotter who’s been itching for a new adventure, exploring your study abroad options may be just what you need. Now the question is which place to go to. Studying in Australia vs Canada, which country is more suitable for my career? Australia and Canada are both popular destinations for international students. Each

In the digital age, it’s becoming more and more critical for businesses to stand out from the crowd if they want to thrive. Fortunately for Aussie businesses, being based in Australia gives them several distinct advantages in marketing their products and services. Australia is now one of the most attractive destinations for investors and businesses. The country has grown as an accessible gateway to Asia, a source of raw materials, a

The second year is when entrepreneurs start seeing how their business will work. It’s also when they start figuring out what they can do to improve the company's trajectory. If you’re an entrepreneur in the second year of your business, you’re probably going through many changes. The good news is that the challenges will only get more critical as you grow your business. Within the first 12 months of running your

You can find businesses involved in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, or other sectors all over the state. Fruits & nutrients such as Sugarcane, Passionfruit, Mango, and large-scale vegetables are produced in the tropical state of Queensland. Cotton is also a primary commodity grown here. You'll find numerous options to start a business in Queensland selecting one of the commodities as a primary base for your products.

Let's assume 1 subscriber equals 1 view. If 100% subscribers contributes even a sigle view it's going to be 100% of viewership. Consider, 100K subscribers watch either your 1 video in 3 days, or 100 videos in 1 week. Eventually the couting for a single sub will be a single view, for instance. The calculation given below is just an average. The estimated earnings would be more than the assumption. As

student cannot be a full-time entrepreneur due to limited working hours. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult for international students to get jobs in Australia. This is causing financial problems among many international students and has led to calls for action from universities and other student groups. The situation is getting worse every year, and it seems that more and more people will go through the same

To start a gaming business the very first requirement is a unique concept with some capital to initiate. You may need an investor if you're planning really big. For a small game business, you need to discuss the plan with a programmer or the game developer. Deployment, functioning, and execution are the significant pillars to lead an online game towards success.

n order to start a travel business in Australia, one has to take the risk of co-operating with the sudden pandemic crises. Just to remind you, Australia is one of the strict countries in terms of travel and crossing the borders; be it international, state-wise, or local boundaries. Following the regulations, travel, and tourism are soon going to take a boom in the Australian market. Understanding the opportunities itself is

Canada is potentially the land of opportunities. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to becoming rich. To become one, understanding Canada's onshore market and online marketplace both are equally required. For the research and planned startup, you will have to work like-no-tomorrow, develop skills and show determination to succeed. Significantly, think different yet smartly to outrank the competitors. It ain't easy to build a sense of urge for what you've got to


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